Telegraphist 1920: Beats of War is a narrative rhythm game that takes you back to 1920. See, hear and feel the Battle of Warsaw from a novel perspective - a war telegraphist, the crucial bond between soldiers and commanders.


The game idea has its origin on HackYeah 2022 - the biggest stationary hackathon in Europe. Our team participated in the "Polish Great Battles" category and won 2nd place! We came up with the idea to create a game about being a telegraphist during the Battle of Warsaw, by sending Morse code rhythmically. The proof of concept version was made in 24 hours by a team of 6 people.


  • Historical Campaign: Relive the dramatic Polish-Soviet War through a gripping narrative in over 10 carefully crafted levels
  • Boss Encounters: Throughout the campaign, you will encounter multiple soviet commanders leading their armies. Jam their signals, break soviet code, or use other ways to help your troops on the frontline.
  • Dynamic Gameplay: React to rapidly changing conditions, from broken machinery to fatigue that comes from endless hours of work. The fate of troops hinges on your steady hand.
  • Cosmetics Inventory: Immerse yourself further in the historical narrative by customizing your room with a trove of authentic items. Each piece carries its own story, forging a connection to the past.
  • Player-Made Campaigns: Create your custom campaigns using the built-in Level Editor and play all of them via the Steam Workshop.


Teaser - December 2023 YouTube

Gameplay video YouTube



Awards & Recognition

  • "Polish Great Battles - 2nd place" HackYeah 2022

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Telegraphist 1920: Beats of War Credits

Jakub Latuszek
Producer, Project Manager, Developer
Filip Latuszek
Developer, Game Designer, Narrative Designer
Mateusz Kusionowicz
Lead Developer, UI Designer, Marketing Manager
Emil Markiewicz
History Expert, Narrative Designer, Animator, Developer
Jan Stokłosa
Graphic Designer
Ava Kot
Graphic Designer
Music Composer
Bruno Talaga
Game Designer, Translator