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TELEGRAPHIST 1920: BEATS OF WAR An unheard-of rhythm-based war experience



Telegraphist 1920: Beats of War is a narrative rhythm game that takes you back to 1920. See, hear and feel the Battle of Warsaw from a novel perspective - a war telegraphist, the crucial bond between soldiers and commanders.

Coming out in Q4 2024 on Steam (Early Access) and in 2025 on Nintendo Switch.
If you want to stay tuned and participate in future beta-testing then we are pleased to invite you to our Discord server.

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A tale of “Telegraphist 1920” game design process

How to mix Guitar Hero with adventure set in the 1920?

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Meet the Telegraphist | Devlog #1

Join us in the development process of Telegraphist 1920: Beats of War. Here, we dive deep into the core idea and the challenges we faced.

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Meet the Telegraphist | Devlog #1

Looking for inspirations | Devlog #2

Join us on a trip to look for inspirations for Telegraphist 1920: Beats of War.

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Looking for inspirations | Devlog #2


  1. Game Jam Prototype

    Made in 24 hours on HackYeah 2022. 1920: Telegraphist on Itch.io

  2. Closed Pre-alpha

    Core gameplay & art ⋄ First demo level ⋄ Story introduction

  3. Closed Alpha

    Expanded storyline ⋄ 10 levels with full story ⋄ Voice acting ⋄ Redesigned User Interface

  4. Early Access

    Morse code training ⋄ All cutscenes ⋄ Public level editor ⋄ Steam Workshop integration ⋄ Boss Levels ⋄ Additional Quick Time Events ⋄ Graphical and Gameplay Overhaul

  5. Release

    Refined game experience ⋄ Additional levels ⋄ More content ⋄ Achievements ⋄ Scoreboard ⋄ Progression system